General CharactersiticsDiaphragms-Fabric

Custom designed diaphragms for actuators, controls, regulators, valves, pumps and accumulators. Products can be die-cut or formed from rubber coated fabric or insert molded with fabric reinforcement. They can also be molded with metal inserts and supplied with a PTFE coating. A well equipped laboratory with TGA, IR, DSC and DTMA equipment facilitates the analysis, control and development of materials for almost every application. Certifications can be provided where appropriate for compliance with international standards such as FDA, WRC, ECE R67 / 110, EN 549


  • We do not offer a standard product range – all products are custom engineered for specific applications.
  • Elastomers in regular production include:
    • NBR (nitrile, buna-N).
    • HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile, e.g. Therban).
    • CR (chloroprene, e.g. Neoprene).
    • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer).
    • ECO (epichlorohydrin).
    • VMQ (silicone).
    • FVMQ (fluorosilicone).
    • FKM (fluorocarbon, e.g. Viton).
  • Fabrics and fabric inserts include:
    • polyamide, e.g. Nylon
    • polyester, e.g. Dacron,
    • aramid fiber, e.g. Nomex
    • glass fiber
  • Metal inserts such as aluminum and steel.
  • Thermoplastic inserts such as glass filled nylon, PPS and PEEK.
  • Diaphragms can be supplied bonded to a variety of flange gasket materials.